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Top 3 Speedways in USA

Motorsports attracts an enormous fanatic following, and people often get thrilled by the incredible energy, smell of burnt rubber, favorite drivers and the roar of engines. Everyone enjoys the spectacular treat created by the super fast moving engines on the track, and it is because of this that we will give you the top 3 auto racing speedway venues in the USA.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

With a capacity of 400,000 spectators, the speedway is unique in its kind, and it hosts the USA and probably the world most popular auto race. The Indy 500 race covers 500 miles, that’s about 4.1 km, 12 turns in 200 laps making it the world’s largest spectator sporting event covered in a single day. It is owned by the Hulman and Co.  Events hosted here include the NASCAR Xfinity series, Monster Energy NASCAR Cup series and Grand Prix of Indianapolis.

Texas Motor Speedway

The Speedway Motorsports Inc owned venue has a capacity of 180,000, and it hosts most important events during the summer season including the NASCAR Xfinity Series, Monster Energy NASCAR Cup series and Verizon IndyCar Series.  It has a length of 2.4 km and 4 turns. Other events include Firestone 550, AAA Texas 500, Formula Drift, and Samsung Mobile 500.

Bristol Motor Speedway

Has a carrying capacity of 160,000, and is owned by Speedways Motorsports Inc. It plays host to Food City 500 and 250 cornerstone events held in the month of August during the spring season. Other events include NASCAR Camping World Truck Series and NASCER Xfinity Series. The venue has four gigantic installed TV screens, so tall to ensure fans catch a glimpse of every action on the track.
Indeed, the speedways above have an enormous length of tracks, making the racing cars to pass various points numerously, gifting them the ability to contain a large number of fans.