Welcome to our humble blog!

Farmington Speedway, our new blog, is created for race lovers by race lovers. Specializing in anything fast, we are you using the small slice of the Internet to connect with like-minded folks. Whether you’re in Indy racing, NASCAR, motorcycles or drag racing, we will be discussing our favorite races, tracks and drivers for your reading pleasure.

I started racing my friends in my very first car back in high school. We didn’t have a track, so late-night runs on the drag were the best days of my life. I spend weekends shadowing my uncle, a mechanic by trade, to learn the inner workings of cars. Beginning with basics, I worked my way to rebuilding engines and transmissions, helping him with customizations.  I look back on those times in the body shop when he let me paint my first car with fondness. Today I don’t race so much on my own, but I love being a spectator.

Join me as I explore the racing world. I’m open to guest posts requests and discussions with any racing fan. Just reached you out to us the email below. Keep an eye out for an update after this weekend.

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